Mine Colours Industrial Chemistry Products
We produce colored Masterbatches and plastic additives  



As Mine Colours we always thrive to deliver highest quality Masterbatches for every type of polymer and application. Our cutting-edge technology laboratories and professional staff ensure that the quality of every single granule of colour and additive Masterbatch is up to our standards before leaving our factory. As one of the leading Masterbatch producers in Turkey we take pride in our business and always try to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Printing Inks

Mine Colours always aims to offer its customers high quality printing inks with a numerous color options. We always have inks suitable for Flexo and Rotogravure printing methods in our stocks for the customer’s convenience. Our printer inks have high color intensity, high heat resistance, low solvent retention, high gloss, and high adhesion property.

Plastic Additives

Plastic additives can alter and improve the physical and chemical properties of the end product. In Mine Colours our experts can provide plastic additives suitable for applications. Moreover, Mine Colours can produce tailor made plastic additives for custom needs. As a company that values Research and Development, Mine Colours have been developing its own plastic additive Masterbatches and reliably providing it manufacturers throughout the globe.

We color the world with our mastebatch options!


Set out with the idea of being a solution partner of plastic manufacturers with Masterbatch dyes and additives produced by contemporary and modern machines; adopting quality, trust and unconditional customer satisfaction as a principle; MİNE PLASTİK LTD.ŞTİ aims to be one of the leading companies of the sector, always keeping the understanding of affordable prices and after-sales support in a friendly and warm friendship.


To produce concentrated color - additive products and services at international quality standards in order to provide value for the success of our customers. To provide affordable and quality solutions to our manufacturing companies that play an important role in the development of the country, to be a company that cares about the environment and human health.


Turkey's development and global world technologies that will play an important role in the integration of plastic and conversion technologies, increasing the efficiency in business processes, restructuring and offering comprehensive solutions to increase the use of new technologies Mine Plastic: Reliability, high sense of responsibility, experience, quality consciousness, Continuing belief in development, commitment to business ethics, value-added cooperation values that exceed customer expectations.