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Our Artificial Grass Projects

The production of masterbatch for the Astroturf is a risky and equipment-requiring project. The biggest problem in these projects is that the color of the carpet pitch should not fade under sunlight and the thin-cut product must withstand sunlight and maintain its strength. Since our customer has to use colors that have passed the Fifa Test approval, we sent our masterbatch samples to approved laboratory test centers and had UV Resistance Test done so that we would not experience fading and breaking problems in the future. Turf carpet pitches produced from our masterbatches in this way, where we proceed with solid steps, are currently adorning the pitches in many hot countries, including Colombia. UV Masterbatch, which will be effective on thin-section surfaces together with color masterbatch, was also very effective in this project. Different additive UV combinations for UV masterbatch ensure that the life of the turf carpet pitch is long.

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