We colour the world with our Masterbatch options

We color the world with our masterbatch options

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Mine Colours

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Providing quality and customized solutions on a global scale.


To provide complete and flawless responses to customer demands is to add value to them.


Quality, Innovative, Bold, Solution-oriented work and Our Employees

We Color the World with Our Masterbatch Options!

Your Premier Partner in Masterbatch & Additives

  • Almost two decades of experience

  • Exports carried out 15+ countries and 3 continents

  • 30,000+ Colour options

  • 10,000+ Tons of annual production capacity

Create Your Own Colour

Use our state of art web tool to submit instant inquiries about your customized Masterbatch needs!

  • Choose your resin

  • Add your processing technique

  • Select your RAL Code

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