Hatay Stadium Seats

As Mine Colours’s product development team we are proud present of our Hatay Stadium project. All 25,000 seats have been colored and reinforced for all conditions by our masterbatches and plastic additives. This was a tedious task against time. What made this task more tedious was the fact that this was more just finding and manufacturing the right color. All the seats have been reinforced with anti-shock plastic additives, UV protectants additive and Flame Retardants. All the seats have been approved by Yalova University’s laboratories to ensure that the end product was up to the international standards.

  • Hatay Stadium
  • Flame Retardant Masterbatch
  • Non-Fading Colors

3D Printer Flament

3D printing relatively new sector and it is getting more popular every day. 3D printing allows users to rapidly prototype models and reduce the prototyping costs. As Mine Colours we have been closely working with leading 3D printing filament manufacturers in Turkey. Our research and development team is more than capable to offer over 10,000 colors for 3D filaments and provide tailor made 3D printing filament options. Our researchers and chemical engineers are enthusiastic about innovation, and they like to experiment to explore new horizons. We managed to create glowing 3D printing filaments and the glow effect can be easily seen in the final product as well as the filament itself.

  • Flament
  • 3D Printer
  • Light-Emitting Colors
  • Phosphorus Masterbatch

Artificial Turf for Stadiums

Providing Masterbatch to the artificial turf manufacturers requires solid foundational knowledge in plastic, long standing research and development back ground and consistent production quality. The biggest threat to the artificial turf is the deteriorating rays from the sun light. All of our masterbatches for these kinds of products have been engineered for this tough task. Our tailor made masterbatches can withstand the UV rays from the without any degradation up to three years. On top of that all our customers who are producing artificial turf are approved by FIFA. The artificial turf that has been colored by our products are still being used throughout the world. One instance of the is Colombia where artificial turf is still being used in the hot climate of South America. We are proud to be the color provider of the football fields that can be seen on TV during the FIFA championships.

  • UV Masterbatch
  • Artificial Carpet
  • Artificial Stadium

Animal Ear Tag

As mandated my Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry all livestock needs to be marked by a distinctive ear tag with an integrated microchip. The microchip with the embedded in the ear tag helps to keep the animal diseases under control and register them into the electronic government database. These yellow-colored livestock ear tags can be seen in many farms throughout Turkey.

  • Animal Ear Tag
  • Agriculture and Livestock Sector

Conductive Carbon Masterbatch

Our R&D achieved another milestone by successfully producing conductive masterbatch that would give conductive properties to the final product. The end product’s resistance value can reach up to 10-3 ohms when treated with our special additive. Final product has all the mechanical and chemical properties as regular plastic except electrical insulation. Such conductive plastic pieces can be used in biosensors, solar panels, batteries, phones, and gold mining.

  • Conductive Masterbatch

Defense Industries

Thanks to our Research and Development team, we are reducing the reliance on other countries in defense industries. Our specialists have been working on a special PC (Polycarbonate) plastic formulation that has a certain refractive index. Thanks to the distinct reflectivity index of our formulation, the HUD (Heads-Up Display) in fighter jets can display all the necessary parameters real time without disrupting the pilot

  • Defense Industry Color Studies
  • Ar&Ge

Dafia Project

As a company which values the ecosystem and environment, Mine Colours designated as only Turkish SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) in the DAFIA Project. Such initiative manner lead to the encouragement of numerous other SMEs, from Turkey, about international projects. The aim of the project is to utilize rest raw materials from fish processing industries and the organic fraction of municipal solid waste will have a second life as plastics, barrier packages, edible coatings and flame-retardant additives. Mine Colours are actively taking role at the marketing and the scaling up the outcome of the project. Further information can be gained from Moreover, if you sign up our monthly newsletter you can keep up with the recent updates regarding the DAFIA Project.